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Nautilus Tea Company provides great tea for your enjoyment. Shop our online store or watch for information about local pop-ups where you can get your tea!

New Merchandise and Tea

We have been asked when we will be able to sell the wonderful brewers we use for our tea. This week we finally received them! They come in both a brown or green lid. These brewers are great for brewing any of our whole leaf teas. We also are told it makes a nice coffee too as this type of gravity filter doesn't need a press system.. They are super easy to clean. The reusable screen just pops out. After you run it through the dishwasher, just pop the screen back in again and you are off and running. You can even place the thing in the microwave. 

After a bit of arranging, we have been able to add even more tea to our large selection. We are weeding out some of the blends that are too close in proximal flavor to make sure we can provide the richest assortment possible. We also want to make sure that we can have some seasonally appropriate flavors available. So from time to time we may substitute one selection for another. I would suggest that you ask for one of our Tea Passports. It is a wonderful journal that you can record  your initial thoughts when you sip that first cup of some new tea. Keeping this log will help you remember all of our varieties so you don't miss anything. 

We have bought a few more chairs. We understand that not everyone can come in with an even number of people. Our intention was to have a few extra in back when needed. So if you seem to need another chair up front, just ask and we will bring another out. 

Got a group meeting or other hosted event that you would like to hold somewhere other than your house? We can make arrangements for off hours events for you. We request a least a week's notice. There will be a per hour charge plus any purchases unless otherwise arranged. We can also setup catering. Feel free to ask and we can work with you.