Nautilus Tea Company

Extraordinary Tea

Nautilus Tea Company is a Tea Bar that offers origin tea by the cup or pot, tea beverages such as tea lattes and chai lattes, tea in bulk and accessories

Novel-teas: Our Creations

Sometimes we experiment and come up with new creations that end up on our menu.  Sometimes our customers do.  Here are some of our inventions.

Nemo Tuxedo - A mix of our wonderful Chocolate tea, Vanilla syrup, and your choice of milk.  Also available in a sugar-free version.

Sleepy Hollow - A seasonal riff on the Nemo, Chocolate tea, Pumpkin Spice syrup, and milk.

Frankenstein - Market Spice and Honey teas with Passion Fruit syrup.  Ingredients that when mixed together, come to life.

High Kings Latte - Brandy Oolong and Vanilla Teas made into a latte. A taste fit for a king!

Hibiscus Rosebud - Hibiscus tea with Rose syrup.  Also very nice as a fizz.

Secret Garden - Black & Rose tea, Rose syrup and either milk for a latte (hot or cold) or soda for a fizz.

Pom-Berry - (we haven't come up with a literary name for this one yet) Black Pomegranate tea blended with Red Berries tea.  Also very good as a fizz.

Purple Rain - In honor of His Royal Purple-ness, Love Tea #3 and some Blue Butterfly flowers are brewed and then made into a fizz with some Violet syrup.

Chance Encounter - in honor of a friend, Blue Butterfly and Hibiscus flowers are made into a latte with Coconut milk.

Crimson Peak - Hibiscus and Vanilla teas with a shot of almond and a sprinkle of red sugar "footsteps" on some milk-foam "snow"

Our Teas

Below is a list of some of our most popular teas. We have over 70 different varieties, so please come in and find YOUR favorite. Our teas are available in bulk or as beverages in-house.

Black Teas

Apricot Brandy – Indian tea with apricot pieces and apricot brandy flavor

Black Currant – Indian tea with currant berries, currant leaves and flavor

Black Pomegranate – Indian tea with pomegranate flavor

Blackberry Mango – fresh blackberry and mango flavor

Blue Flower Earl Grey – whole leaf black tea, blue mallow blossoms & bergamot

Burning Sun – a strong Ceylon tea from the Lumbini Estate in Sri Lanka

Chocolate – Indian tea with chocolate pieces and chocolate flavor

Creme Brulee – Dessert in a glass, black tea with caramel and vanilla flavors

Summer Darjeeling – a summer flush Darjeeling: smooth, but hearty flavor

English Breakfast – a blend of black teas: malty and robust

Himalayan Golden – a Sandakphu tea from Nepal, with a beautiful golden color and a smooth, buttery finish

Honey Dust – Indian tea blended with bee pollen and honey flavor

Irish Breakfast – a blend of Indian and Ceylon broken leaf teas

Keemun - Chinese black tea

Kenilworth (Kandy) – popular Ceylon estate tea

Lapsang Souchang - fine black tea from Fujian province of China smoked over wood logs

Mangalam - Indian Assam

Market Spice - black tea with orange and cinnamon oils

Queen's Blend - black and green teas with lavender flowers, rose petals and vanilla

Russian Caravan - a blend of Chinese black teas including Lapsang Souchang

Scottish Breakfast - a strong blend of black teas with a smoky flavor

Vanilla Bean - locally blended with vanilla beans and vanilla flavor

Oolong Teas

Annapurna Amber – from Nepal infused with apricot and muscat grape flavors

Blue Beauty – greener oolong from the Fujian province with leaves sprinkled with ginseng and licorice root

Brandy Oolong – Taiwanese oolong, smooth with hints of honey, and floral/stone fruit aroma

Formosa Oolong – white tip oolong from Taiwan

Milk Oolong – Buttery oolong with creamy flavors

Rhubarb Oolong – Chinese oolong from the Fujian Province blended with chunks of dried rhubarb

Ti Kwan Yin #3 – an aromatic tea with a traditional taste

Green Teas

Bancha - Japanese green

Clouds and Mist - Chinese green tea with a light sweet flavor

Dragonwell - Chinese green with a mellow, sweet flavor

Genmaicha – a mixture of bancha green tea, popped corn and toasted hulled rice kernels

Makalu Mint – green tea from Nepal blended with mint and fennel

Sencha – clean refreshing green tea

Temple of Heaven (pinhead gunpowder) – tightly rolled even leaf style

White Teas

Machu Peach-u – bai mudan style white tea with a strong peach flavor

Sandakphu Silver – Nepali silvertips

Dark/Puerh Teas

100 Taels – smooth and mellow with sweet notes

Dark Rose – dark tea with rose petals pressed into individual heart-shaped cakes

MP Green 2015 - Single Estate green puerh from China (available in both loose and cake form)

Tuo Cha – dark tea from the Yunnan Province of China

Herbal Teas

Blue Butterfly Tea – Thai blue butterfly pea flowers give a light floral flavor

Chamomile Joy – Chamomile and hibiscus with lemon peel

Golden Ticket – Rooibos with chocolate chips and caramel and chocolate flavors

Hibiscus – whole hibiscus flowers

Lilac Dream– our own blend with yerba mate, peppermint, lemongrass, hibiscus, and blue butterfly flowers

Paradise Found – Rooibos with blue mallow and calendula flowers, and tropical fruit flavors

Peppermint – peppermint leaves

Red Berries – apple, elderberries, currants, blackberries, raspberries, sour cherry pieces, hibiscus and rosehips

Yerba Mate – green mate

Wellness Teas

Calming Rest


Stay Well

Turmeric Comfort

Decaf Teas

Decaf Ceylon

Decaf Earl Grey

Decaf Blackberry Mango

Decaf Vanilla Bean

Decaf Korakundah

Decaf Sencha