Nautilus Tea Company

Extraordinary Tea

Nautilus Tea Company is a Tea Bar that offers origin tea by the cup or pot, tea beverages such as tea lattes and chai lattes, tea in bulk and accessories

 What are your hours?

Our hours are: Monday – Thursday 10am - 6pm

Friday 10am - 9pm

Saturday 10am - 6pm

Sunday 10am - 4pm

Where are you located?

We are located at 11771 Fair Oaks Blvd. Fair Oaks, California 95628, in the Almond Orchard Shopping Center next to a bookstore.

Do you have tea? What kind?

Believe it or not, we have gotten this question! Yes, we have over 70 different teas to choose from. We carry and serve a variety of teas including but not limited to black, green, oolong and white. Our blends include: fruity, floral, earthy, smoky and many other flavor profiles. We also offer what we call “Novel-Teas”: special drinks made from a touch of imagination containing one or more teas and various combinations of milk, soda water and/or flavored syrups. Ask a tea-mate about it.

Do you have Boba?

No, we have many wonderful teas but we do not carry Boba.

Do you have coffee?

While our main focus is tea, we do serve a French Press coffee and occasionally, an over-night cold drip coffee.

I see an espresso machine. Do you serve espresso drinks?

We do have an espresso machine that makes tea lattes, chai lattes, matcha lattes and more very easy. We don’t however serve espresso. We are working on a way to put tea through the porta-filters and make a tea-spresso drink. It’s in progress!

Where is your tea from?

We get our teas from local vendors where possible, and a direct importer when needed. Teas are sourced from various locations such as Japan, India, China, Nepal and Sri Lanka. When we blend our own teas, our flavor ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible.

Do you serve food?

At this time, we offer cookies and scones that are baked in house, and croissants obtained from a local bakery. We also offer gluten-free cookies from a local gluten-free bakery.

Do you offer “High Tea”?

We offer a formal tea setting around Mother's Day. “High Tea” is a specific meal that can be equated to lunch, but even this definition is not absolute. Our formal tea is closer to what might be called a “Cream Tea”. We can arrange a private formal tea setting of varying complexities with notice. Ask one of our tea-mates about the details.

Do you host special events or private parties?

We do host special events throughout the year that can include:

Monthly Tea Dueling (February to September)

Valentine Gathering (February)

Mother's Day Formal Tea (May)

Annual Mys-Tea-ry (October)

We can also host small private gatherings such as birthday, anniversary, bridal, and baby showers. These can be arranged with advance notice.

How do you serve your teas?

We offer several options: Hot, Iced, Fizzy, Latte, by the cup, by the pot, in-house or to-go.

How much does your tea cost per ounce?

Our tea prices vary. We have a menu ((link here?)) with individual price by tea per ounce.

Our “Kitchen Witch” line of teas are sold by the jar only and are priced at $20 per jar.

How many cups can you get out of one ounce of tea?

Since we sell by weight but measure for the cup by volume, one ounce will make between five and twelve cups of tea.

Is your tea healthy?

Tea is known to have health related benefits such as:

antioxidant properties

less caffeine than coffee

may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke

may help protect your bones

may keep your smile bright

may boost the immune system

may soothe the digestive system

tea, on its own, is calorie, fat, gluten, and sugar free

Do you carry “wellness” teas or teas that help with illness?

We carry teas that contain ingredients, such as ginger, mint, lavender or turmeric. These ingredients and others may have beneficial effects to help with stomach problems, indigestion, relaxation, and inflammation as well as others.

Does your teas have healing properties?

While teas are known to have some health improving benefits and contain ingredients that may help with certain conditions, we are not medical professionals and cannot say that a certain tea or its ingredients will cure, relieve or improve any diseases or illnesses.

Do you blend you own teas?

We do make our own in-house blends and are always looking at new flavor combinations.

Is your tea sweetened?

While some of our teas have a natural sweetness to them, we do not add sweeteners unless specifically requested. We have sugar, honey, and various artificial sweeteners available for you, as well as various flavored (cane sugar based) syrups available on request.

Does tea dehydrate you?

Tea is brewed in water which is the best way to hydrate the body, but it also contains caffeine which can act as a diuretic. Herbal teas or Tisanes do not contain caffeine, so do not have this effect.

What is “your” favorite tea?

With so many choices, it varies from person to person and even day to day. Come in and let one of our tea-mates help you find your favorite.

What teas do you recommend?

Again, with so many choices, can be hard to narrow down your choices. We can tell you what our best sellers are and what we are drinking today. Additionally, with a little input from you as to you are looking for (fruity, green, strong, no-caffeine, etc) we can certainly make recommendations within that range. Otherwise, we have about 70+ recommendations for you!

Do you have WiFi?

We offer one (1) hour of free WiFi access with purchase.

Do you have restrooms?

We have one (1) gender neutral/family restroom for our customers.

Are you dog friendly?

We have a small patio area where pets are welcome to join you that offers a water bowl for their comfort and hydration.