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Nautilus Tea Company provides great tea for your enjoyment. Shop our online store or watch for information about local pop-ups where you can get your tea!

A new drink, discounts and more... oh my.

This week we have created another fine drink and brought one back. For some time we were unable to create the Hibiscus Fizz due to the cold brewer breaking when we tried to use the dishwasher on it. (Hand wash only now.. lesson learned). We have now devised the Nemo Tuxedo. We brew up the chocolaty goodness of our fine chocolate tea. Then chill it over ice. Add a milk of you choice (Whole, 2%, or non- fat) and then apply vanilla syrup liberally. Close your eyes and you are drinking a very lo-cal chocolate milkshake. Yummy. 

We are currently running our first coupon. From now until July 31st, receive 50 cents off any drink purchase. We've put the coupon on Facebook as well so all you need to to is give us a printed copy or show us the picture on your smartphone. Easy as pie.

We have been using a loaner chandelier from Lighting Design in Rancho Cordova. They have been super nice in helping us out in creating the atmosphere we want. The original chandelier finally came in and it is gorgeous, except that it looks like someone broke it during shipment. So we'll keep the loaner until a new, intact one gets sent to us. Can't wait for all of you to see it. 

More cabinet work is on the way as we switch two of them around to fit the cooler we have. Once that is in place we will be able to provide grab and go sandwiches and unique drinks that are hard to get anywhere else. Hopefully that will be completed before the weekend.

Speaking of food... let us know what you would like to see. We have in mind providing pastries, cookies, sandwiches and other nibbles. If you have an idea on additional edibles, drop us a note in the comments below. We would love to be able to provide something people really want.