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Nautilus Tea Company is a Tea Bar that offers origin tea by the cup or pot, tea beverages such as tea lattes and chai lattes, tea in bulk and accessories

Hot Weather, A New Cooler, Merchandise and WIFI


Has it been hot or what? We are certainly missing our delta breeze right now. Luckily, we had a bit of a break for a couple of days; however, we're back up to the high 90's again. Hot August Nights is living up to its namesake. From the look of it the rest of the month will be more of the same.  Let's hope the breeze makes it back to the valley soon.

We have finally moved in the last pieces of the original shop design. A column behind the bar that had been on order since the paleolithic era finally came in. More importantly, we now have our cooler in. In the next few days we should have it completely stocked with all sorts of things, some of which include Teas' Tea Jasmine and Mint Green teas as well as Matcha Love Sweetened shots. All yummy stuff we found at the World Tea Expo this year. Can't wait to share it with you.


We have just received a suitcase full of something special.  Amber Sanchez, owner of ButtonsNBobbin has provided us a collection of wonderful pins for us to share with you.. Our selection currently ranges from $25 to $35 per piece. Made from antique bindings and other found objects, each one of a kind pin is perfect for any self respecting airship pilot or submarine commander. These pins can also be made to order.  For more information, contact Amber at the following addresses:


To round up this weeks updates, we have our WIFI network up and running for our customers. We are currently offering WIFI complimentary with your purchase. Just ask for one of our vouchers.