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Nautilus Tea Company is a Tea Bar that offers origin tea by the cup or pot, tea beverages such as tea lattes and chai lattes, tea in bulk and accessories

Artwork and Tea Merged Together for The Brass Cup Gallery and Reception!

     What does an octopus, tea cup, shark, and steampunk all have in common? They're elements of the multiple pieces of artwork created by local artists that were on display at Nautilus Tea Company. The first art gallery to appear at Nautilus, being called The Brass Cup, gained ten entries that wonderfully adorned the shop during July. Each piece that was displayed are genuine in originality, design, creativity, and execution. All varied in different types of mediums such as digital art, watercolor, and even markers. Viewers, younger or older, could have a great appreciation for the skill that was presented within the shop during that month.

     A reception was run for the gallery on the second Saturday of July. Words of wonder and appreciation could be heard by the attendees as they walked from one piece of art to another. As the reception went on, the tea and treats being graciously consumed, more involved discussions began to trickle their way through the guests. One could not argue that those who viewed the art had one or a few pieces that truly spoke out to them. Whether it was the calm and serene scene of a sailor drinking a cup of tea during a sunrise over the ocean (Tea at Sunrise by Thomas Anderson), or the adorable story of a child being inspired by red tea and sharks wearing scopes infiltrating on unknowing explorers (Red Tea & Shark Scopes by Colton Croy). Each piece of art presented in the gallery were all wonderfully marvelous and so beautifully displayed. 

     Thank you to those who entered their delightful work into the gallery, attended the reception in appreciating and viewing said work, and a thank you to the Nautilus Tea Company for hosting and accepting local artists to create such a wonderful gallery of talented individuals.

Artists Listed in Order of Slideshow

  • Steampunk Tea Cup by Lily Croy
  • Tea Cup and Plate by Derek Croy
  • Red Tea & Shark Scopes by Colton Croy
  • Earl Grey by Hilary Stephenson
  • Cup of Tea by Allison Buchholtz
  • Drink Me by Allison Buchholtz
  • Tea Under the Sea by Marsha Mason
  • Infini-tea by Jordyn Williams
  • Tea at Sunrise by Thomas Adams
  • Cthulu Head by Ashley Malasig