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Nautilus Tea Company is a Tea Bar that offers origin tea by the cup or pot, tea beverages such as tea lattes and chai lattes, tea in bulk and accessories

The A-List, the Brass Cup and other upcoming events...

Thank you to everyone who voted in the KCRA A-List; we came in 4th!  That is amazing for our first year and we owe it to you!  Thank you to everyone who voted and who has supported us in the last (almost) year.  Next year...#1!!!!

As some of you know, we'll be on vacation next week.  We are taking a few days to go camping and to recharge for the next year, and we'll be back on Friday, the 19th ready and raring to go!

At the end of the month, we will celebrate our first year in business!  We will have an event on Saturday, June 27th to celebrate with tea samples, refreshments and entertainment.  Stay tuned for more on that!

In July, we have something exciting coming.  We are going to have our first-ever art gallery and we will call it:  The Brass Cup!  Calling all artists, we are looking for nautical themes, tea themes, and of course, steampunk themes!  Art will be hung on the wall for up to a month for everyone to enjoy.  Details are at the link below.  Deadline for submissions is Saturday, June 27th and the gallery is scheduled to start running July 6th with a reception on July 11th.  Click on the link to submit your art for consideration.

Art Submissions

We will send out further announcements as time goes on, but we wanted to give a heads up to what's coming.

See you soon!  Tonja