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Nautilus Tea Company is a Tea Bar that offers origin tea by the cup or pot, tea beverages such as tea lattes and chai lattes, tea in bulk and accessories

Happy Thanksgiving!

First off, we hope everyone had a safe and flavorful Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed a nice one ourselves and have a lot to be thankful for.  First, that we are able to be here and enjoy sharing our wonderful teas with you. Second, that we have such great support from our family and friends and were able to embark on this adventure in the first place. And last, but definitely not least, we are thankful for you.  Our friends both old and new have driven our Facebook following up past the 400 mark in 4 months, and that is amazing.  You are the reason we come in every day.  You make it a great place to work.  Thank you!

As we mentioned in a past post, we changed our hours on the weekends since we have a few people who want to come in a bit earlier on Saturday.  We made sure to leave Friday evenings open later for eventual live music and a cup of tea after dinner.  We've used that time to experiment with tea dueling, and we look forward to you coming in and bringing your chess set or dominoes and spending the evening gaming with a pot of tea.

As several of you know, we get our flowers from Bella Fiore in Old Fair Oaks Village.  Dawn does a great job of making unique and seasonal selections for us every week.  What you may not have known was that the small arrangements are for sale.  That's right, the teacup arrangements can be taken home for you to enjoy.  They come in fresh every Tuesday (with the occasional exception) and include the lovely teacup they are arranged in.


So, we hear that spent tea leaves can be good for your garden; especially, roses and tomatoes.  We dump a batch every day, so if you come in later in the day, and want some spent tea leaves for your garden, just ask.  We are happy to send them home with you.  There might also be occasional coffee grounds which are good too.